Fall Announcement 2020

I’m happy to share, we have two new additions to our team: Catherine Jones, Administrative Assistant and Toni Tucker, Medicare Operations and Client Services Associate!

Catherine joined the team at the beginning of summer. Many of you know Catherine from her time at ABBB (formerly M&L CPA’s) and Bank of the West prior to that. She’s been a great addition to our team as she’s very skilled and has picked up right where Kathy left off!

Toni is a long-time friend of Ryan’s and will start here in our office this month! For 14 years Toni has specialized as a Medicare insurance agent with 7yrs of banking and finance prior. You may have seen Toni around El Dorado as she teaches Silver Sneakers Yoga and spin classes at the YMCA. We know Toni’s experience, knowledge and expertise will be an immediate asset to our clients and couldn’t be more pleased to have her on our team!

Coming into fall, the number one question on all investor’s minds is “How will the election effect the market?” Historically, elections are volatile as investors are anxious to learn how policy changes will impact the corporate landscape. Believe it or not, one of our most trusted economic research firms just revised their 2020/2021 market forecast to meet or exceed their original pre-covid number! In other words, they’re bullish over the near and long terms in that companies will continue to reopen as we better adapt to Covid. The result of Congress/White House matters no doubt, but businesses will continue to adapt and are better suited today than 8 months ago! We will remain nimble as we head into fall.

You may have noticed we continue to alternate between the gas pedal and the brake when it comes to our advisory account management. Many US markets hit all-time highs over the last month, but with the rapid rate of recovery we already harvested some gains prior to the recent pull back this past week! We will continue to be dynamic; being defensive and opportunistic as we rotate through the areas of the market with more potential for recovery. Managing money tactically is NOT typical. As you know most “buy and hold” investment firms whether it’s a company 401k or the many chain investment shops around are just now seeing their portfolios finally come back. We on the other hand are looking to keep building on the momentum we’ve made over the last 6 months.

As an advisory client, call our office to schedule a time to discuss your Medicare planning!

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence!

Mike Spencer and Team!