Autonomous Advantage

Dating back to 1989, SW Advisers is a partner-owned, independent financial planning firm focused on personal and business wealth management solutions across the Midwest. Our autonomous structure removes the top-down hurdles large corporate-owned advisory firms face by providing an environment for objectivity and truly personalized solutions. We work directly with and for our clients exclusively, not a corporate agenda.

Partnership for Success

We want to be on the same side of success as our clients. As Investment Advisers we take a fiduciary role putting advisory client’s goals and best interests first! Our investment approach is designed to adapt to market turns and unpredictable economic circumstances; cookie cutter portfolios don’t cut it in an ever-changing world. We utilize research from multiple internal and third-party sources to look at the markets from many angles. Our institutional exchange platform enables block trading across all advisory accounts (regardless of account size) with just a few clicks, so we can act fast and efficient. Since we align our fee with account value, as accounts rise or fall our profitability does the same. We are on the same team with our clients!

Strategic Affiliation

LPL Financial is the largest independent broker-dealer* firm in the United States with main offices in San Diego, Boston, and Charlotte. Strategically partnering with their economies of scale, we have access to a full spectrum of investment products and technology to tailor solutions for our clients.

IHT Wealth Management is a Chicago based independent, privately owned top 300 RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) firm delivering compliance and planning services (Estate, Legal, CFP) for advisors across the Midwest. IHT provides individualized service to our team by helping us operate more efficiently in a constantly changing landscape.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2020, based on total revenue.